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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."  

Albert Einstein (allegedly)

The great man said it all. Surely, there are complex problems that do not have simple solutions, but trying to keep things simple is always the goal. Simple systems are more robust and secure and easier to maintain.

To give you some examples of what’s possible, below is some of the solutions I have provided.

Site-to-site VPN solution with mobile user access

The solution allows you to link two or more branches together using Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel and allows your mobile users to link into company’s network from outside. Based on FreeBSD Operating system and OpenVPN.

Simple, effective and secure solution based on Open Source software that carries no licensing cost for your company.

Community call centre

The solution is based on Community-aid project software developed by me. The software enables your local community call centre to make phone calls to its customers.

The solution implemented in different places throughout the Republic of Ireland.

The solution is based on Debian Linux Operating system, PostgreSQL database server, Apache web server and middleware written in PHP scripting language.

Integration with VoIP telephony is under development. Asterisk PBX will be the core of the telephony system.


My areas of expertise include various UNIX and Linux variants, networking, IT security, virtualisation technologies, backup systems.

Contact me and we can go through your requirements and come up with tailored solution for your organisation.